Celebrate Philippines’ 122nd Independence Day with Denarii Cash

After more than three centuries under the rule of Spanish colonizers, the Philippines finally gained its independence on that fateful day of June 12, 1898, making it the very first constitutional republic in Asia. Every June 12, Filipinos celebrate both the sacrifices and victories of our heroes that ultimately led to our freedom.

With the Independence Day celebration just around the corner, millions of Filipinos around the world are gearing up for their own activities and numerous events to showcase and celebrate this historic day.

A little trivia
Did you know that the original Philippine Flag raised on June 12, 1898, remains to be missing? While the first Philippine flag can be seen in Baguio, the actual flag used in Kawit, Cavite is still missing. In Emilio Aguinaldo’s letter, he mentioned that the original flag got lost in Tayug, Pangasinan while they were retreating northward. Up until now, nobody knows where the original flag is. Got any clue where the flag is? Let us know in the comments below.


How Denarii Cash celebrates Philippine Independence
Different communities have their own ways of celebrating Independence Day. Denarii Cash is also looking forward to celebrating in our own simple way for our customers. On June 12, enjoy an amazing surprise from us.


For the first 12 minutes of every hour, every transaction is FREE of charge! This means you won’t have to pay for your transfers, bill payments, load recharges, or sending groceries provided that it’s within the first 12 minutes of the hour. This reward goes on for the entire day. What’s more, is that Denarii Cash is sharing this offer with everyone as well. What better way to celebrate when you can share amazing offers to everyone! Don’t miss out on the opportunity of fee-less transactions and make sure everyone back home gets to celebrate Independence Day in a more memorable way.


What else to do to celebrate Independence Day?
Since you will be able to send money anywhere using the Denarii Cash app, try to enjoy the festivities to the fullest. Despite the current restrictions for community gatherings because of the ongoing pandemic, there are still a lot of ways to celebrate while keeping yourself safe.

  1. A call back home – This might be the best time to have that long uninterrupted call with the family or with your loved ones back home as they celebrate their holiday as well.
  2. Delight in a simple celebration – Fixing up a simple meal that’s quite different from the usual won’t take that much effort and your palate will surely thank you. You can also use this chance to hone your cooking skills while you’re at it. For your family, you can also delight them by sending them Jollibee Super Meals when you order through the Denarii Cash app.
  3. Decorate your place with the flag – Have your place decorated with the Philippine flag to remind yourself of home and your loved ones.

While the current community restrictions aren’t as stringent as before, it doesn’t mean one should be complacent in protecting their health. If you’re up to a celebration outside your home, make sure that you take the right precautionary measures. Better yet, take advantage of Denarii Cash’s current offer to the fullest and celebrate Independence Day safely!

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