Celebrating 100,000 Money Transfers – Milestone Achieved

Our team at Denarii Cash is happy to announce that we have completed100,000 successful money transfers from UAE to other countries. We are not writing this only to pat ourselves on the back but to share a warm high-five with all of our customers. You are a part of our major milestone and we would like to thank you for your love and support. 

We are grateful that you chose to be a part of the Denarii Cash family and use our services. The best way to celebrate is to deliver even more value. So, we have decided to pull the curtains to show you how we reached this milestone.

Denarii Cash

We made our first money transfer on 4 February 2019 to the Philippines when our total number of users was less than 10. It was the first step towards our vision and our goal. Throughout our journey, there were ups and downs, turns that we did not see coming and jumps we made, the mistakes we committed, and the valuable lessons we have learned. 

 How did we achieve this number?

In every organization, it is very important to cater to the needs of users and provide the best quality consistently. We have done the same. Being an expat ourselves, we understand the struggle of every expat. This is why we have created Denarii Cash, to provide instant money transfer, with no hidden fees, and the highest exchange rate. Also, users can get a free first transfer and monthly grand reward from Denarii Cash.

User-Centric Environment

At Denarii Cash, we have always listened to our users. We have been a user-centric company and so every feedback was heard and discussed. From day 1, we used the Net Promoter Score (NPS) to check the response and satisfaction of our users. Our average NPS has stayed above 8 in the past year. We continue to iterate the product and our offerings based on the customers’ needs and feedback. We stayed committed with our promise to our users –  Instant and hassle-free money transfer with lowest fees. 

Providing the Best

Expats work day and night to earn money so we wanted to make sure that they get maximum ease from Denarii Cash. We introduced more services that can help our customers:

  • Money transfer from Denarii Cash to GCash account.
  • Money Transfer to more than 50,000 cash pick-up points and banks
  • Sending groceries to loved ones in the Philippines.
  • Bills payment (Water, Electricity, PAG-IBIG, SSS, Insurance, Tuition Fee)
  • Mobile balance recharge

Aiming for ease of users

We started this company to provide ease and this has been our main objective ever since. We have enabled various payment methods for users to top-up their Denarii Cash account.

  • Bank account Linking with Denarii Cash account
  • Debit / Credit Card Payment.
  • MBME  Kiosk
  • Vouchers
  • Cash on Delivery

Rewards Program

At Denarii Cash, we make sure that every sender is a receiver. Every time a user successfully refers to Denarii Cash, he gets AED 20 as a reward from Denarii Cash. There is no limit on the number of referrals users make. Make 10 successful referrals and get AED 200 from Denarii Cash instantly. Isn’t it awesome?

Furthermore, for every referral, a customer gets one point in the leaderboard. By the end of the month, the customer with the highest number of referrals gets a brand new gadget from Denarii Cash. For this month, we are giving away a Brand New Samsung Galaxy Tab to the user with the highest number of referrals.

Apart from this, we give a special gift box to our most engaged customers. The gift box contains a special and amazing reward and the customer can only open the Gift Box after completing the challenges.

No Hidden Costs

We care about every penny of our customers. With our transparent pricing, everything is visible to the customer including the amount of money the recipient will get. Customers can use the Denarii Cash savings calculator to see how much money they are saving when they send via Denarii Cash. 

Discounted Transactions

We provide discounted transactions to our customers so they can send money home without any worry of fees. Play games on the Denarii Cash app so you can earn the rewards. Rewards vary from vouchers, gift certificates, or cashback.

Opening services to more corridors

We started catering to the Philippines only. However, in the past year, we have expanded our services to 11 countries which include Pakistan, Philippines, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, India, Kuwait, Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. More and more expats are taking advantage of hassle-free money transfer services of Denarii Cash to their country. 

Using our Learnings for Betterment

Our highly talented, hardworking, and committed team works day and night to provide unmatchable services to the users. But only hard work is not enough to reach the goal so we worked smart. Twice a week, we all sat together to discuss our learnings from the marketing, CRM, customer support, data analytics, and development side. This way, we were able to prioritize the valuable tasks that can result to be more productive for us. We closely monitored the behavior of our users and engaged with them from the CRM side efficiently. Our customer support contacted the user right away when they needed assistance. We made our app user-friendly with the new updates that we launched.

Every bit of this progress contributed to our success. Again, a BIG THANK YOU from Denarii Cash for being a part of our journey and making it possible for us to achieve this milestone.

We are super excited to join Careem Pay.