• Added partners: Paykii, Viamobile
  • Team management, roles and permissions
  • Manage senders and beneficiaries
  • Create, authorise and cancel transactions from the dashboard


  • Enabled Optimise to route transactions through the best available partner.

June 30

  • Enabled identity verification for Intercom.
  • Added Insights to compare providers’ rates.

June 20

  • Adjusted partners filter only by country.
  • Enabled balance and activity check per partner.
  • Export activity account is fixed.
  • Partial search on transactions.

June 9

Adding Filters for the Ease

In order to make the system more user-friendly, we have added more filters, attributes, and options in the system. Search filters for partners, wallets, and general settings are now live in the dashboard. Our idea was to keep the Denarii API dashboard simpler and customizable for use as it also allows the user more freedom in terms of what he wants to accomplish.

  • Account activity can be exported now. 
  • Account date filter has been fixed.
  • Partners can now be filtered by country name. 
  • Back button added on partner’s setting.
  • Response info added after post transaction. 
  • Partners dropdown fixed on the wallets.
  • Additional information e.g. status, status description, settlement etc has been added to transaction responses.
  • Errors have been made more descriptive and specific to assist users.
  • Added paynamics mapping in API dashboard.
  • Created a filter on top for origin, destination and service while adding a destination partner.

May 30

  • Transactions are now in descending order.
  • New partner added – RIA and Easypaisa
  • Global rules view now displays rate per rule.
  • On partner selection, if there is no matching partner then default partner is displayed.
  • On partner menu settings are added as default. 
  • Default partner option added to partner setup.

May 20

More Partners, More Options

We, at Denarii, work tirelessly to provide more efficient and convenient services for Fintech. Just now, we added new partners so our users can now make transactions among an even wider range of countries. We partnered with more banks and MTOs so you can enjoy more options and easier access. There are also other bug fixes, performance improvements and interface tweaks. These changes are listed below:

  • Added Tranglo and DGate as new partners.
  • Billing option is visible and active on the dashboard now. 
  • Balances now show the accounts and the deposit amount. 
  • Date of Birth is set to be only date and no time with it. 

May 10

  • Updated rules on Developer Dashboard.
  • Beneficiary display has been fixed on Denarii Rails.

April 29

  • Added new partners: Circle, Unionbank, Safaricom.
  • On the login page, the focus shifts to the next input box automatically.
  • Placeholder stays in its place when searching for Rule.
  • Support added for UGX and TZS.
  • Rules are now sorted out in descending order.
  • Rules dropdown is working upon refresh now.

April 8

  • Added HSBC, Citibank, Nium and Transferwise as partner in API.
  • Enabled the location service.
  • Placeholders are visible while loading wallets and transactions. 
  • Partner delete message is now visible on the system upon successful deletion.
  • Option to enable and disable the rule is added. 

March 20

  • Users can now delete rules.
  • Menu are fixed for the mobile version.
  • Dashboard headers are fixed for the mobile version.
  • Intercom chat option is now available for support. 

March 4

  • Added Thunes, Bloom and InstantCash as partners in API.
  • Partner mapping in Developers dashboard admin

February 28

  • Added GCash as a partner. 
  • Fixed the Countries and Banks dropdown menu. 

February 18

  • Partners mapping enabled on Developers dashboard
  • Partners can filter the list of corridors.
  • Added Currency Cloud as partner in API.

February 11

  • Enabled onboarding and messaging on Developers dashboard

February 4

  • Added Sandbox Partner (callbacks and simulation)
  • Added Transferwise as partner in API
  • Added partner rules and environments in Developers dashboard

January 25

  • Added colors in progress bar.
  • Launched Dark-mode feature for API dashboard.
  • Updated Details page of partner to show country.

January 12

  • Enable shield, firewall and sandbox to keep the system secure.
  • Updated frontend of API dashboard for better user experience.

We are super excited to join Careem Pay.