Denarii Cash offers free money transfers to frontliners and customers affected by COVID

Frontliners and customers who have been affected by the coronavirus crisis can now send money back home for free. Denarii Cash is waiving all transaction fees that come with the money transfer to support everyone whose lives have been greatly impacted by the pandemic.


Coronavirus pandemic is an unprecedented event that widely affected everyone around the world. A lot of people lost their jobs or had their salaries reduced as part of the companies’ move to curb the effects of COVID in their businesses.

“As a business that caters to a lot of expat workers, we recognize that we have an important role to play in order to support everyone who has been affected by this crisis,” says CEO Jon Santillan.

How can you get free transactions?

For frontliners and customers affected by COVID, just download the Denarii Cash app and send a copy of notice or letter from your company through the app’s Chat with Us option. Our team will verify this within 48 hours. After verification, you can send money for free.
Each customer will get 5 free transactions that they can use anytime. 🤗

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Denarii Cash is a money transfer app for expat workers in the UAE. It provides secured and affordable transfers to the Philippines, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, and Bangladesh.
We are backed and supported by leading venture capital firms 500 Startups, MISK Innovation, 500 Fintech, and GCC angel investors.

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