Denarii Cash – UAE Expat’s No.1 Choice in Money Transfer

Choosing the best money transfer service is a major challenge for the working class especially for expatriates or ex-pats in the UAE. Sending money has evolved and there are a lot of options to choose from. For most ex-pats, a money transfer service that provides both convenience and value for money is a standout. This is why most of them prefer Denarii Cash.


Denarii Cash provides not just the most basic financial transaction of sending money. We also empower ex-pats by allowing them to do bills payment, mobile balance recharge, or buying groceries for the loved ones.

As we are expanding, Denarii Cash is becoming more and more visible in the FinTech industry. From the start, our focus was on providing a seamless and easy-to-use application for making payments and transferring money possible. What used to be an exclusive Filipino money transfer app has now expanded to 11 countries namely India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Bahrain.

Our mobile app comes with a multitude of perks and benefits. To name a few, money transfers can be done anytime and anywhere, the lowest transaction cost on cross-border digital money transfer and the highest exchange rate in the market. Denarii Cash is also providing contactless options both for senders and receivers.

Convenience and Affordability

Expats prefer accessibility and affordability. With the busy schedules and juggling multiple tasks, shifting towards a mobile app provides a great deal of comfort.

Denarii Cash is the no. 1 choice for UAE ex-pats for those who:

  •  Expect an increase in the quality of life
  •  Seek for convenience
  •  Look for cost-efficient means

People now have the ability to take part in digitalized economic activities that drive the overall growth of the FinTech industry. As more and more services are moving towards digitalization, the more it helps in easing the everyday lives.

There was a time when sending money and paying bills had to be done using traditional means. Denarii Cash has eliminated that hassle. Using our app, you can now pay the bills and send money within few minutes. If you are not on Denarii Cash, you can download the application, get verified, and make your first transaction free of cost.

Accessibility for all

Denarii Cash is for every ex-pat worker who wants to send money home. Whether you have a bank account or not, you can use Denarii Cash anytime. There are several top-up options or ways for customers to pay the transfers – via ATM deposit, online bank linking, debit or credit card, MBME Kiosk, and many more.

Moreover, we have the lowest transaction cost in comparison to other banks and exchange houses. There are no hidden charges or fees. With our transparent pricing, customers are assured that they get the best value for money.

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