Denarii Gives Your Money Back!

We know how amazing and motivating it feels to receive a reward. To our dear kabayans, we know your hard work to be able to send money to your loved ones back home. Because of that, let Denarii Cash reward you in return.

Denarii Cash is giving you a cashback. For every transaction above AED 1,000, you will get an instant AED 5 cashback. 

This will last until April 28 so make sure you take advantage of this offer.

Who should avail the offer?

Regular senders 

Take this chance to get a reward from your regular transactions. Aside from smooth transactions, we want to give you a reward for continuously using and patronizing Denarii Cash.

First-time Denarii Cash users 

We want you to know how amazing it is to be part of the Denarii Cash community. Aside from the free first transaction, your next transaction above AED 1,000 will guarantee you AED 5 cashback. 

Basically, every DC user out there 

Because why not?

If you are not using Denarii cash yet, what are you waiting for? Download the app and register now. You never know what other surprises await you.

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