Free Transaction for Front-liners and Health Workers

Suddenly, no one heard the plane taking off.
Suddenly, no one heard the children’s laughter in the playground.
Suddenly, no one heard the greetings being exchanged in the halls.
Suddenly, no one heard the honking of the cars.
Suddenly, no one heard the voices in the train station.
The world has become silent. At times, empty.

A silent battle is going on.
A big one yet to be won.
With all these, your voices have become our song.
Your strength make us carry on.

For all our frontline health workers, we salute your dedication.

From Denarii Cash, we would like to offer you free transactions when you send money home or pay your bills. We know that what you do for the world will be unmatched. Thank you.

Workers from the following sectors are included: Medical, Pharmacy, Sanitation, Delivery (Grocery, Food), Drivers, Water, Electricity.

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