Our Journey


Launch of Denarii Pay


Received remittance license BSP

Abu Dhabi investment office grants

Developed Denarii API to enable MTOs and Banks to connect with best remittance partners selected by Denarii optimize

Enabled 20+ partners for Denarii Connect

Focusing on payment and expanding beyond travel

Scaling the team


Received abu dhabi incentive program via hub71

Accepted in DFSA fintech sandbox

Started offering money transfer services to businesses

Buy Back Bazaar, Pinas Cargo, Melltoo, Salesmena, Xpertin Portal LLC

Enabled cash-less and contact-less services to support our customers during pandemic

Opened Denarii money transfer services to 11 countries

Pakistan, Bangladesh, KSA, Kuwait, Philippines, Egypt, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Nepal, India, Bahrain

Accepted in Bahrain fintech sandbox

Accepted in Muhammad bin Rashid innovation fund

Won Dubai Smartpreneur

Joined accelerator program – 500 startup


Founded Denarii in UAE

We are super excited to join Careem Pay.