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Technology has changed how we look at things and how we perceive them. Humans have used technology to ease their life and save time. However, in this era of fast-paced innovation, which one is more powerful, technology or humanity?

Technology has proven itself to be beneficial in attempts to solve a huge number of problems and in providing convenience like in energy, space, travel, communications, and even social interactions. However, the era of technology has posited some serious problems as well. Misuse of technology has been evident nowadays.

Clearly, people need a better grasp when it comes to handling technology and keep in mind that it was created by humanity for humanity. Using technology to our benefit seems like a winning scenario but are we truly in charge of our intelligent creations? If the answer is “No”, then we may have been on the dangerous side.

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To understand the boundary and the fine line between these two, we have interviewed Walfrido Serrano Perez, Chief Technology Officer of Denarii Cash. Check Walfrido’s discussion with Jay Tolentino on Technology VS Humanity :

Humans are powerful as long as they have technology under control. Technology and Humanity when going hand in hand can reach the heights of glory.

Let us know about your views on humans and technology. Which one do you think is more powerful?

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